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Tapestry Collection by Hilton Catch Me at My Best ® Program Overview

About Catch Me at My Best
What’s New for 2017
Prizes and Winners
Five Things You Need to Know About Catch Me

About Catch Me at My Best

When is Catch Me?
The annual program runs from June 1 to August 31.

How does Catch Me work?
When a guest, manager, or teammate wants to recognize a Team Member, they simply fill out a Catch Me card and turn it in at the front desk. This is called a “catch.” Managers are then encouraged to enter catches on the Tally Website, print and post standings, promote friendly competition, and recognize Team Members who received and made catches. Many properties also post completed cards in team areas and share notable catches during huddles and other team functions.

Click here for brand-specific customizable recognition tools to recognize winners and promote the program.

Who can be caught?
Any Team Member, including managers.*

Who can make a catch?
Anyone! Guests, managers, and fellow Team Members.

What is catch-worthy?
The exact criteria is up to you and the guest. In addition to guest catches, we strongly encourage hotels to ask Team Members to catch each other. For example, you could catch someone for any of the following:

  • WOW’ing a guest
  • A perfect room inspection
  • Resolving a guest or property issue
  • Pitching in to help another department
  • A positive comment card
  • Working a late shift
  • Community service
  • Remembering a guest’s name (or preference)
  • Saving the hotel money
  • Helping you carry a heavy box
  • And more!

What are the advantages of participating?

  1. It's a simple, no-cost / low-cost way to recognize Team Members.
  2. Recognition positively impacts morale, performance, retention, and other key business objectives.Recent research done by the Hampton brand shows that properties that ordered Catch Me cards saw an increase in SALT scores of 1.1%.
  3. And did we mention it’s free?

Where should we place our blank Catch Me cards?
Display the cards for guests and Team Members to see at or near the front desk. (You’ll want to collect them here as well.) You can also place cards in different common areas (e.g., your breakfast area or a break room). Many locations also place cards in guest rooms to encourage back-of-house catches.

Note that one card holder has been sent to new properties that opened on or after July 1, 2015, provided a card order was placed prior to the March 22 pre-order deadline. Properties that opened prior to that date will NOT receive a card holder.

Click here to purchase card holders, card collection boxes, and other Catch Me merchandise. International shipping is available. You can also find these items at many office supply stores, and online, by searching “acrylic pamphlet holder” or “ballot box.” You’ll need something that holds a 3.5" x 7.5" card (90 mm x 191 mm).

Can I use last year's Catch Me cards?
Yes, though we have slightly redesigned cards for 2016.

How do I tally my catches?
Beginning June 1, you can enter catches on the Tally Website. We’ve included the ability to enter your catches online, print and post real-time totals for your hotel, set goals, and share catches with other leaders! While you can’t enter catches until June 1, you can begin inputting your Catch Me team roster starting May 1. Note that if you participated last year, your 2015 roster will be available as an optional starting point, so you won’t need to re-input your entire team. Click here for detailed instructions and frequently asked questions about the Tally Website.

Click here to purchase Catch Me prizes and merchandise, or download artwork to create your own materials.

Why is the program limited to three months?
To keep it fresh. As a year-round program, it would likely lose momentum and be less effective. We encourage locations to implement their own peer recognition programs to fill in the gaps.

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What’s New for 2016?

We’re making some exciting changes this year based on your input:

  • New card designs. By popular demand we’ve redesigned the cards (and eCatches) for 2016 and added more space on the eCatch to tell your story.
  • Improved ability to enter bulk catches. For Tally Website administrators, we’ve added the ability to automatically enter a catch for all Team Members in a single department, group (e.g., front of house or heart of house), or property at the same time, versus enter each catch manually.
  • Improved eCatch administration. We’ve also added the ability to approve an eCatch directed at a team in one simple step. So if you get an eCatch to the “morning breakfast shift,” you can assign a catch to each member of that team in one simple step.
  • Easier-to-use website navigation. Team Members told us they want a more user-friendly navigation. We’ve reorganized the navigation to make this more intuitive.
  • The ability to find and enter catches by first name. Since many catches include a first name only, this year you’ll be able to find Team Members by first name, last name, and department when entering catches. This include a predictive search function that will find Team Members for you based on the first few letters typed.
  • New prize criteria. Over 225 prizes (a US $50 gift card) will be awarded during the program. 50 winners will be selected in June, 75 winners will be selected in July, and 100 winners will be selected in August. We've bumped up the number of winners in July and August to build excitement in the final stretch. That’s 225 total winners.
  • Improved reporting. We’ve made the reporting even more robust, including the addition of location-specific eCatch details and a “catches made” report (in addition to catches received) to the automated weekly reports.

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Prizes and Winners

This year, we’ll be selecting over 225 prize winners during the course of the program. Winners will be selected at random and will receive a US $50 gift card.* 50 winners will be selected in June, 75 winners will be selected in July, and 100 winners will be selected in August. We've bumped up the number of winners in July and August to build excitement in the final stretch. Click here for additional details.

Please note that these prizes are meant to supplement, not replace, any prizes offered at your location. We recommend having low-cost prizes on hand to recognize your team. You can also download no-cost customizable materials to present to Team Members, such as certificates and thank you cards. Click here to purchase Catch Me merchandise, or download artwork to create your own materials.

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Five Things You Need to Know About Catch Me

It's important to take the following into account during the program.

  1. Catch Me cards aren’t just for guests. When surveyed last year, almost 25% of hotels said that catches were submitted by guests only! Getting guests to catch Team Members is only half the fun. Hotels that get the most out of Catch Me place an equal focus on having Team Members catch each other. Click here to download a customizable flyer to promote peer-to-peer catches.
  2. Don’t forget Back of House. Because front-of-house Team Members interact more with guests, their totals may exceed that of back-of-house Team Members. That’s why it’s important to emphasize back-of-house catches. Recognizing front-of-house AND back-of-house champions is a good starting point. You can also download a customizable flyer to promote back-of-house catches.
  3. It not all about the numbers. Tallying catches can be a fun tool to spark friendly competition. However, it’s important not to place too much focus on the numbers, as that may demotivate some Team Members. Try recognizing different categories that have less of a focus on the number of catches. For example, you could recognize a catch of the day, or different memorable catches. Or you can hold random drawings.
  4. Recognize the recognizers. As the saying goes, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Take time to recognize the Team Members that make the catches, not just those who receive them. General Manager Russ Tanakaya points out that, “If you recognize the people that are doing it…you got to recognize the people who are pointing it out.” His hotel recognizes every catch made, and has seen positive results on the service side.
  5. Everyone has an equal chance to win prizes. The total number of catches, size of the hotel, or brand affiliation are NOT taken into account when selecting random prize winners. So a Team Members from a smaller hotel with one catch has the same chance of winning as a Team Members with 20 catches from a larger hotel. Click here for more information.

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* General Managers can be caught, but are not eligible for random prizes. They are eligible for prizes in other categories, like Favorite Catches and Best Practices.

Best Practice

Putting a Twist on Catch Me.
Hilton Garden Inn Bangor, ME, kicks off the program by dividing Team Members into teams and assigning a team captain. The hotel creates a giant display and recognizes the first Team Members caught. Each time someone is caught, they receive an “Officially Caught” card and a candy bar. Find out more.
View additional best practices and share your own for a chance to win $50.
Catch Me inspires friendly competition, and gives us the opportunity to recognize
all the acts of hospitality — big and small — that make our company so special.