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Hilton Catch Me at My Best Program Overview (Corporate Locations)

Thousands of extraordinary acts happen at our hotels and corporate locations every day, making Hilton one of the most hospitable companies in the world. Catch Me at My Best is about recognizing those acts, big and small, and showing our appreciation to Team Members for bringing our shared Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose to life. We believe that in order to provide exceptional guest experiences, we have to recognize those Team Members who makes these experiences possible.

About Catch Me at My Best
What’s New for 2017
Prizes and Winners

About Catch Me at My Best

When is Catch Me?
The annual program runs from June 1 to August 31.

How does it work?
When a manager or teammate wants to recognize a Team Member, they simply go to the eCatch website, fill out the eCatch, and press “Send.” An eCatch is then delivered to the recipient via email. You can send eCatches to individuals and groups to recognize team accomplishments.

Recipients are encouraged to pay it forward and pass on the recognition to other Team Members.

How is it different from hotels?
Unlike hotels, which use Catch Me cards, the corporate program is focused on the eCatch. Catch Me cards are NOT part of the corporate program.

What are the advantages of participating?

  1. It’s a simple, no-cost way to recognize Team Members and reinforce our shared HILTON Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose.
  2. Recognition positively impacts morale, performance, retention, and other key business objectives.
  3. And did we mention it’s free?

Who can be caught?
Any Team Member, including managers.

Who can make a catch?
Any Team Member, including managers. We encourage all Team Members to participate.

What is catch-worthy?
The exact criteria are up to you. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Acts of Hospitality, big or small, that positively impact you, your department, teammates, or the community.
  • Actions that reflect our shared HILTON Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose.
  • Team achievements, such as a successful presentation, a completed project, or a new development deal.
  • Ongoing service, dedication, and Team Member milestones (e.g., years of service or birthdays).

Can I run eCatch reports for my department or location? (NEW)
Yes. This year we’ve added the ability to run corporate reports for your department or your location.

Are there other materials besides the eCatch?
Yes. Click here for additional recognition tools to spotlight eCatch recipients and promote the program.

Why is the program limited to three months?
To keep it fresh. As a year-round program, it would likely lose momentum and be less effective. We encourage locations to implement their own peer recognition programs to fill in the gaps.

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What’s New for 2017?

The year’s eCatch has been redesigned, with bright colors and bold graphics reflecting the new Hilton enterprise branding. In addition, corporate users will be able to download custom reports detailing the number of eCatches received and made. For example, users will be able to set up a report detailing the eCatch totals for a smaller location-specific team such as the Memphis Recognition Department, a large global team such as APAC Marketing, or an entire corporate location such as Dubai.

How might a corporate location use the Tally Website?
Let’s say you manage a team and want to encourage friendly competition by sharing tallies. Once login information is provided, follow these steps:

  1. Assign an administrator to approve eCatches on the Tally Website. This could be you or another Team Member.
  2. Have the administrator login to the Tally Website to enter your team roster. This process only takes a few minutes.
  3. Communicate the program details to your team. Make sure they know who the administrator is, and that they need to copy that Team Member when sending an eCatch, as eCatches are not automatically imported onto the Tally Website.
  4. Have your administrator enter eCatches and run reports on a regular basis to share with your team.
  5. Recognize Team Members who received eCatches, as well as those who sent them.

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Prizes and Winners

This year, 15 corporate grand prize winners will be selected at random during the program. To be eligible, you must either have sent an eCatch or received an eCatch, and must work at a corporate location. Winners will receive a $50 (US) Amazon gift card or Visa debit card, based on location. Winners will be announced in early July, August, and September on the Prizes and Winners page and notified by the Hilton Worldwide Recognition Team.

Winners will be selected at random, so everyone has an equal chance to win.

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Note: This is not a guest-facing program for Conrad and Waldorf Astoria.
Best Practice

Baseball Theme at Homewood Suites.
Homewood Suites by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga, Canada, decorated their break room with a baseball theme, including mascots and a custom “Take Me Out to Homewood Suites” song.
View additional best practices and share your own for a chance to win $50.
Catch Me inspires friendly competition, and gives us the opportunity to recognize
all the acts of hospitality — big and small — that make our company so special.